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Complete List of Universal Laws


Nyahahahah, I finally found this- the complete list of the universal laws. Yay!

Well fine, I BELIEVE that this is complete.. well at least, only few are missing if ever this is not actually complete. This is much more complete compared to those I have found. Thanks to Google.

Well sorry if this is kinda a little big deal for me (lol, “little big” deal FTW) since I have been trying and trying and trying to search for the COMPLETE list, and wth I just couldn’t find itttt, not even at least an almost complete one. Hahaha.


But yeah, unfortunately this list doesn’t have a description for each law, not even a very brief one. But yeah that’s not a big problem ’cause I can always Google down each universal law here, and I would always find tons and tons of results with lots of explanations on each one. Haha.

BTW, there are about 40 something. Yeah.

Well I made this blog in case there are people out there like me who have been trying hard to find a complete list of the universal laws. Well, you already have it now, dude (I believe..). Haha.

Now, my next step: Google for ample explanations on every universal law given on the list. Geeez that would take a long time 😮 Well who cares, I have lots of vacation days for me to do that. Haha.

Oh well, that’s all. Have a good day! 🙂



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